Do you stipple <insert your gun>?
Probably not.

We currently ONLY laser stipple on OEM black Glock and CZ P-07/P-09 frames. We have some others under R&D, but no ETA’s at this time.

Currently, we DO NOT stipple:

  • Polymer 80
  • Sig P320
  • M&P
  • etc…
Do I have to order through the online Shop?
You can but you do not have to. You can email us to discuss options. Once we discuss what you would like, we will then email you an order form. You can then send your items and the order form in for the work requested. We will send an invoice for payment upon completion which you can pay online.
How do I buy a gun online?
FFL Terms and Conditions

  • Be sure to enter your FFL’s information in the Shipping Address box at check out.
  • Any items placed on the same order as a controlled item will also ship to the FFL. If you would like additional items shipped to you directly, please place them on a separate order.
  • Please enter your information or the receiving party’s (the person that will be picking it up) information in the Comments box at check out.
  • Prices do not include your dealer’s transfer fees.
  • To expedite your order, please either you or your dealer email their FFL to us. Your order will not be processed until received and validated.
  • Custom frame orders are FINAL once production has started.

Email: helpdesk@sonorandefense.com

There will be a 30% restocking fee on all controlled items returned because of ineligible transfer – failed background checks, local restrictions, etc. Know your local laws before ordering.

Federal law requires that you be 21 years of age or older to purchase a stripped receiver or frame. If a frame or receiver can only be made into a long gun (rifle or shotgun), it is still a frame or receiver, not a handgun or long gun. However, they still are “firearms” by definition, and subject to the same GCA limitations as any other firearms. See Section 921(a)(3)(b). 18 U.S.C. Section 922(b)(1) makes it unlawful for a licensee to sell any firearm other than a shotgun or rifle to any person under the age of 21.

How do I send my frame or complete firearm for laser engraving?
Once you have placed your order, please send a copy of the Order Form from the main menu and your item(s) to the address below. Make sure your return address and contact information are in the package you send. If we have any questions about your order, you will be notified before any work is done.

It is required by law that a person that does not possess a valid FFL, must ship serialized handguns by 2nd-day air with a contract carrier (UPS is recommended).  Long guns can be shipped with ground service by the USPS or a contract carrier.

We recommend using ShipMyGun.com to get a discounted UPS label for shipping. We are a preferred dealer on ShipMyGun to expedite the process. Just search for the zip code (85335) and we should be at the top of the list. The boxes on the ShipMyGun.com forms are not important as your gun is not being sent for transfer. You can put “SDT” as the transferee.

Sonoran Defense Technologies
12418 W Corrine Dr
El Mirage, AZ 85335

Do you accept orders from outside of the USA?
Due to the sensitive and regulated nature of many of our products, we do not accept online orders from outside of the US; however, we can ship some items outside of the US. If there is something specific that you are interested in, please email us to discuss options.
What is the wait time on orders?
In-stock, retail orders should be delivered within 5-7 business days. Customized orders may take longer due to the design and production time required.

Current turnaround on laser stippling: Approx 6-7 weeks

Do you accept PayPal?
We do accept PayPal for items that are not restricted for PayPal sales. Firearms, firearm service, high capacity magazines, etc. are not available for payment via PayPal. Accessories, knives, and other non-restricted items can be paid for via PayPal.
Warranty & Returns
Any firearm that we work on, finish or build is covered by our limited lifetime warranty. If your firearm or finish ever cracks, chips, or breaks as a result of our workmanship, we will repair, replace, or refinish it at no cost to you. We cannot cover excessive wear from normal use (i.e. holster marks, blemishes from dropping or abuse, etc.). We also cannot warranty guns that are used in a police or military application. Our return policy is that if you are unhappy with our work, or with any products you receive from us, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to correct the issue. If you decide you do not want any product you buy from us (custom work is not included in this, i.e. frame modifications, laser engraved items), we will accept returns within 15 days of you receiving the product, given the item is unaltered from the condition we shipped it in.

Laser marked Magpul PMAGs have been modified from their OEM state and are therefore not covered under any warranties offered by Magpul. Sonoran Defense has no relationship or affiliation with MAGPUL. Any problems with magazines that have been laser marked by Sonoran Defense Technologies should be addressed directly with Sonoran Defense Technologies.

Time limitations on laser stippling and engraving services
Due to the nature of our stippling and engraving services, you are expected to send us your item in a timely manner. If you wish to cancel your order, you must do so within 90 days. After 90 days, there are no refunds. We will reach out to confirm if you are still wanting to send us your order. If we do not receive any communication, we will cancel the order. However, the amount you paid is still applicable to a future order.
What Cerakote colors are available?
Our default cerakote pricing is for a specific set of colors on hand. If you would like extra colors, we can see if they are doable. There is a minimum $45 additional charge for any colors that need to be custom ordered.

Standard color options:

  • Aluminum
  • Armor Black
  • Blue Titanium
  • Bright White
  • Burnt Bronze
  • Cobalt
  • Coyote Tan
  • Crimson Red
  • Desert Sand
  • FDE
  • Glock FDE
  • Gold
  • Graphite Black
  • Magpul FDE
  • Magpul Foliage Green
  • Magpul OD
  • Midnight Bronze
  • Noveske Bazooka Green
  • OD Green
  • Robin Eggs Blue
  • Satin
  • Sky Blue
  • Smith Wesson Grey
  • Sniper Grey
  • Stainless
  • Tactical Grey
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten
  • USMC Red
Is the 'frosting' color permanent and does it require any special care?
The laser ‘frosting’ is a surface reaction from the laser that is used to create the lighter color. This is the same process used to create the laser marked magazines. The frosted color will darken somewhat over time compared to fresh off of the laser, but will maintain a solid ‘tan’ or ‘fde’ color. It is considered to be “semi-permanent.”

The frosting holds up to wear very well, but the nature of the process creates a finish that will absorb moisture like sweat and oil. Think of it similar to ‘micarta’ knife handles, which are made from layered fabric. When the frosted area comes in to contact with oil or sweat, you may notice it turns a darker color. Rest assured, the color is not ‘wiping off’. If you would like to bring it back to an even finish, we recommend giving it scrub with a nylon brush – like a stiff toothbrush or gun cleaning brush – and a little dish soap. No need for abrasive chemicals, just build up a little bit of a lather and give it a scrubbing under warm water. Once it dries, you should get back to a nice even color tone. You can use a hairdryer or similar to dry it quickly and ensure you got all of the oil off. If not, repeat the process. If it’s the first time cleaning, you may notice that it is a little bit darker than when it was fresh off of the laser. Subsequent cleanings should come back to the same color tone.

We also offer the option of a clear Cerakote protection layer that will act as a barrier to the absorption of oils on the frosted color, but this will darken the frost and typically not recommended.

If you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ, please use our contact form and we will get back to you right away!