Knife Sharpening Services


We offer multiple types of knife sharpening services.

  • General maintenance/touch-up sharpening
  • Complete reprofile of the edge geometry
  • Conversion from V-grind to convex (this is generally only recommended on fixed-blade knives)
  • Add serrations to a plain edge knife – partial or complete

Due to the variable nature of sharpening services available and the variance of different knife steels, we recommend contacting us to discuss your desired sharpening service for a quote.

General guidelines for sharpening services:

Base price – $25

This will provide standard sharpening/touch-up services to your regular folding knives up to 4″.

  • We will leave your knife with a traditional V-grind that closely matches your factory sharpening angles.
  • This includes sharpening out minor dings or edge damage and leaving you with a razor-sharp edge, guaranteed to easily shave hair!
  • This includes all but the hardest supersteels, such as Elmax, M4, and 20CV.

Enhanced Sharpening – $40

This will give you the same options from the base, but will provide the following upgrades:

  • Sharpening of V-grind blades with supersteels; such as Elmax, M4, and 20CV
  • Reprofile your blade to a more acute angle for better slicing
  • Other upgrades as negotiated

Convex Sharpening – $40

For hand-sharpening of convex edge knives such as Fallkniven, Bark River, or others. Convex sharpening is done by hand on various grit Japanese water stones and finished up on leather strops. Guaranteed to leave you with a hair popping convex edge, great for outdoor purposes. This covers up to 5″ cutting edge. Additional length is charged at $10 per inch.

Note: Due to the nature of hand sharpening on Japanese stones, you may expect slight variations in the amount of polish along the convexing as it blends into the blade. 

Convex Conversion – $50

We convert your traditional V-grind to a convex grind, finished off with a hand-sharpened polish, as with our convex sharpening option. This covers up to 5″ cutting edge. Additional length is charged at $10 per inch.

Additional services – as needed

Depending on what you’re looking for, we can offer additional knife sharpening services as needed. Serrations? Recurve? Something else? Let us know!


The amount page is left open, so the end-user can check out with their desired sharpening services as quoted.

Any orders that have not been approved will be canceled. Please contact us to discuss sharpening services before checkout.


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